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Welcome to some random commentary and note taking. These pages are just thoughts I felt like jotting down electronically and publishing them onto the interwebs. I do have a couple of blogs but I feel that it would be out of place for me to put these articles on them. And I'm too lazy to create/use Wordpress or set up a blog account somewhere else to voice my opinions. In truth I will probably not add/update to this section very much or at all - it's just here when I'm in the mood. It would be wise not to take these notes/opinions with any guarantees as they maybe quite dated and hence useless.

So without further ado:

A 'Kill Hollywood' Idea

Neural Augmentation

How to Monetise Google Maps

Imagine: A World Of Technologies

Mobile Phone Applications

The Future

The Music Industry

How to Be Creative

Summary of SEO and Online Marketing Techniques

Have a nice day!

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