Imagine: A World Of Technologies

Imagine a world where all the technological promises and predictions have been realised. With limitless energy we would be able to create anything imaginable by using the breakthrough technology of turning energy into matter. There would be no need of a capitalist economy as resources are abundant.

With everybody's mind connected to the "medium", anyone would be able to request whatever they needed instantaneously. These products would be crafted from energy and delivered immediately to the consumer through teleportation. Who would be the labour to run these "factories"? Robots of course!

What would be the purpose of humanity if no one really needed to work? We would look to satisfy our higher needs by focusing on the spirit and the mind. Our goal would be to learn and understand about everything in our past, present and future. Information would be instantaneously stored and retrieved through the medium. We have all the time in the world as we have taken control of our evolution and through the use of nanobot technology we have turned ourselves into immortals.

Our curiosity and thirst for knowledge would drive us to every corner of the universe and beyond.


Victor Tsen, April 2009.

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