Neural Augmentation

If I had a choice between the real world and a dream world, I would go for the dream world.

Connecting your mind directly into a computer is called neural augmentation. By 2050-2060 people would be plugging themselves in Matrix style to learn, be entertained and interact with one another. It would be just like dreaming.

I would not mind sleeping forever.

Currently we have the technology to keep the body alive forever. But we do not have the technology to keep someoneís brain alive forever. The brain will keep deteriorating as we age and there is no way to repair it.

To take neural augmentation further, just think if we could upload oneís consciousness into the network we could effectively become immortal.

We could also be at several places around the world simultaneously. For example, if I had five different meetings around the world at the same time, I could make five copies of my consciousness and use an interface to represent each copied consciousness as myself. Afterwards I could merge and download the copies of my consciousness to gain new knowledge and experience achieved from those meetings.

If our minds could be digitized this would lead to big implications. For our minds could be copied, modified, exploited, exposed or removed entirely. Like any technology out there, there are benefits and there are downsides.

But this is something we donít have to worry for a while.

Victor Tsen, September 2011.

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