Summary of SEO and Online Marketing Techniques

OK this is not really a one page summary on the topic of SEO and online marketing. Basically I'm just listing down techniques and activities someone could use to help their page ranking and drive traffic to their website. I'm basically listing down the activities and may have one or two lines of explanation - or none at all. The listed items are in no particular order and may not make sense so do some more digging.

Note that the above activities and techniques may not be applicable to certain sites. This list should basically be used as a checklist to help you with your online marketing activities. A checklist that will help make sure you have covered all grounds/options/venue or possibilites.

OK so the above has driven traffic to your site now the trick is to keep them. To help grow your site and keep people coming back make sure your site:

If your site satisfies these requirements then this would mean return customers and increase positive word of mouth/mouse.

Victor Tsen, April 2008.

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